About Us

The designer and creator of Twist and Bend, Linda Sumner discovered her love for fashion and jewelry at an early age.  She found herself creating designs in her late twenties. Her style is that of free style which allows her creations to be uniquely designed and sometimes more of an art remodel. In addition to the joy of creating her own designs, Linda found that creating and wearing her own jewelry also brought her recognition and success. Family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and frequently people she ran into on the street admired her designs and asked where they could get her jewelry.  After designing lines of jewelry and attending festivals she became successful selling her designs to boutiques on the Georgia Coastal Islands.  While earning her Bachelor’s, she found time to continue to create lines of jewelry and enhance her craft. 

Linda is always looking for items out of the norm to create uniquely designed jewelry.   T&B look is marked by a combination of gorgeous natural precious stone, wire, beads and precious metals  along with exceptional items.

Twist and Bend creations have been called eye-catching, wearable art, outstanding artisan artifacts, and uniquely different.

The beauty of T&B jewelry is that you can mix, match or layer pieces together, and over a time you can build a coordinated and en-creditable collection of jewelry that suits your own style.

Visit the website often to see the uniquely designed creations and note once they are sold they may be gone.